Saturday, February 1, 2014

The end of freedom of speech on the Internet in Russian Federation

Today, the 1st of February, is a significant date.
From 1st of February, 2014, is the complete end of any freedom of speech on the Internet in Russian Federation. The blocking of all dissident Internet resources by outrage of the FSB(KGB).
The censorship of the new Putin's totalitarian fascist regime after the TV devoured the Internet.
Now the Internet in Russia will be as one in China and North Korea.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TV "Rain" and Censorship of the fascist regime

Cable TV operators shut off TV "Rain" throughout Russia.
This is already again the totalitarian regime in Russia, the fascist one - not the authoritarian one as before...
The USSR censorship of 70s - 30s returns. Again leaflets, samizdat and muffling Radio "Freedom" ...
On 27th of January TV channel "Rain" conducted a poll "Was it necessary to surrender Leningrad during WW2 in order to save thousands of lives?". It was published on the TV "Rain" website, as well as carried out on the air in the programme "Dilettantes."
This ordinary poll for any free country has caused a rough reaction of the not finished fascists from the CPSU and the KGB, of the new ex-communist oligarchs from the CPSU and Komsomol and of their slaves, the simple former "Soviet citizens."
The Cable TV Association of Russia president and owner of "Akado" Yuri Pripachkin suggested to disconnect from broadcasting the channel. Several deputies of State Duma offered to apply for the channel inspection by Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.


Question in the poll of TV "Rain" had to be posed:

Whether it was necessary to defend Leningrad against the German fascists in order one fascist regime in Russia succeeds another, for eternal slavery?